Exciting News For Jurassic Fans!

Howdy Peeps! I'm sure I mentioned before that I watch a YouTuber called Klayton and that's where I get most of my Jurassic Park/World news. Well yesterday he shared some interview with Chris Pratt that had 2 major points in regarding 2021's Jurassic World 3 (or Jurassic Park 6, if you prefer): Firstly, he confirmed [...]

Planner Stuff

Howdy Peeps! So if you've been here any length of time, you'll know I'm a wannabe Blue Peter presenter...I love making stuff! If you read any of my Christmas posts you know I like to plan ahead too...so when I discovered YouTube videos about planner decorating, I knew I had to! So I added a [...]

Festive Entertainment

How-do Festive Peeps! It's getting close! ­čÖé ­čÖé This weekend is the final of I'm a Celeb, next weekend is the final of Strictly and then it's the last weekend before Christmas!! (See┬áChristmas Plans and Traditions┬áto see what I'll be doing then.) Next weekend (16th) Elf is on TV... although I'll actually be at our [...]

Guess what? Another Christmas post!

Hi De hi festive peeps! It may be bonfire night but have I got a Christmas post for you! Firstly, I've been making reindeers! You need: Corks Googlie eyes Pom pom or stickers for noses Twigs Strong glue (i used my hot glue gun) I don't need to explain the process, I'm sure you can [...]

Weight/Inch Loss Update

Morning Peeps! Just a quick blog to tell you all how I'm getting on...I promised I would. In Take 2 last week I told you that I was trying a YouTube fitness video that claimed 1-2" loss in 7 days....well it worked!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yL_dE81O_mw&t=122s In the last 7 days the only exercise I've done is Lucy's video [...]

Born Naughty?

Morning Lovely Peeps! You know I love kids and education and such. I found a channel on YouTube called Nurture and they play loads of parenting shows like Supernanny, House of Tiny Tearaways and Born Naughty. I find these fascinating because they cover all kinds of issues, Born Naughty even shows the assessment process for [...]


Helloooooo Peeps! I wanted some inspiration for lunches and boy did I find some! Lunch in our house is usually a quick sandwich, soup or Tortillas, but I'm bored and I want to reduce my high GI carbs so went looking for new recipes to try. One Lifestyle Mum is a blog I recently discovered and she has [...]