My Week Update

Hello January Peeps! It's still January...seems a long time since Christmas and we're still trying to get into new routines and habits. I may have had a bit too much chocolate last week, but exercise saved me and I still lost 1lb and another inch off my waist...I love these Lucy Wyndham-Read exercises! I'm trying [...]

Planner Stuff

Howdy Peeps! So if you've been here any length of time, you'll know I'm a wannabe Blue Peter presenter...I love making stuff! If you read any of my Christmas posts you know I like to plan ahead when I discovered YouTube videos about planner decorating, I knew I had to! So I added a [...]

Guess what? Another Christmas post!

Hi De hi festive peeps! It may be bonfire night but have I got a Christmas post for you! Firstly, I've been making reindeers! You need: Corks Googlie eyes Pom pom or stickers for noses Twigs Strong glue (i used my hot glue gun) I don't need to explain the process, I'm sure you can [...]