Parenting Givers

Howdy Peeps! I've been thinking about what Martin Lewis said about people expecting too much and feeling pressured to spend too much at Christmas. We have always tried to show our daughter the value of giving...even if it's a token gift or handmade item; cost doesn't matter, thoughtfulness does. She knew from a very young [...]

More Christmas Budgeting

Morning Peepy-Peeps â˜ș I watched Martin Lewis' Christmas money show last night and it was brilliant! This is my 8th debt-free Christmas and I thought I knew all the tricks, but he gives some great advice and a beautiful speech about over-commercialization. Pay special attention to the Christmas crackers section too as there are some [...]

Christmas Food

Morning Peeps! Last day of school today!!! The teenager is quite pleased (understatement of the century)! My food delivery comes this evening, so it really will be Christmas then...this got me thinking about some yummy food and tips I have for here goes: Festive recipes from others: These White Chocolate clusters, from the blog [...]

Making Friends

Morning Peeps! Three weeks today is Christmas Eve! So if you have people you want to make gifts for, or kids to entertain, you can have a go at making these little chums! For the Snowmen I used the YouTube guide I blogged about in Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful
 but I used the same method [...]