Finding God’s PathA place to explore Christianity and what it means to daily living.

This is the day that the Lord has made; Rejoice in it and be glad! 


Why I Have A Faith Page

Real Bible Study

Faith Follow-Up

Guarantor Loans (Proverbs 6)

Bible Principles Every Child Should Know

Verses To Help You

When The Bible Speaks

Spiritual Gifts

A Peaceful Way To Start Your Day


Let It Shine

The Holy Spirit Difference

Faith and Self-Control


Beauty in Creation

Faith, Blog and Love

Be Careful What You Say


Love The One In Front

An Attitude of Gratitude

Thanks Be To God

Spirit of Love

Peace in the Darkness

Faith and PMA

Praise God In Everything 

Appreciate What You’ve Got

Remembrance Sunday

Second Chances


Finding God’s Path


3 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Hello, I have enjoyed your blog. Especially your faith based posts. Thank you for sharing them. I am anew blogger and I pray I can share my faith as well as you have.

    Liked by 1 person

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