I like frugal, but I also like to shop; especially for the perfect gift at Christmas! Hopefully these posts will show you how I reconcile the two. Happy bargain hunting!

Why We Have A Budget

Budgeting Basics

Christmas in May

Kids and Allowance

University/College Finance

Food Budget 101

Guarantor Loans

10 Cheap or Free Ways to Entertain the Kiddos!

Tales of the Unexpected

Budget Busters

Financial Help and Useful Info

Holiday Budget

Why buying used isn’t gross (Not mine, a re-blog from the amazing Jenny)

Baby Budget

How To Pocket Extra Cash

A Special Occasion

The Beauty of Homemade

Don’t Be Sucked In!

A Great Feeling

Keeping it Simple

Kids and Spending

New Money

Making Your Money Go Further

University Budgeting

The Old Switcheroo

The Pluses and Minuses of DIY

Christmas Bargain Hunting

Christmas Budgeting Part 2

Sell, Don’t Buy

Don’t Be Caught Out!

Budget-Friendly Handmade Gifts

Planning Ahead

Grocery Shopping: Online vs In-Store

Budgeting For Big Bills

Party Season

Buy Cheap Without Looking Cheap

(Cheap) Christmas Bucket List

Gift Budgeting