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Universal Credit..Part 1

Morning Peeps! Sorry I skived yesterday but I had some lovely young peeps to teach and went for lunch out with my mum and my closest friend for her birthday. So I told you the other day that we were claiming Universal Credit. I know there's a lot of controversy and confusion around them, so [...]

Feeling Guilty…

Morning, Monday Peeps! Christmas is a mere 12 weeks away (on Wednesday) and, of course, I've been shopping. B&M and Morrison's are already bringing their A-game (which I very much appreciate). The thing is... I bought myself a Christmas present.I know calendars are a gift people often buy or make and, in the past, I've [...]

You’d Better Think.. (think, think)..

Yo peeps! If you're not singing an Aretha Franklin song now then I haven't done my job properly! Legend that Aretha was, (RIP awesome lady) she is not the main focus for today. I've had a lot of thinking time this week. Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm not a quiet person.. even [...]

Let Me Tell You A Story…

Morning Blog Peeps! You know how I was poorly last week?...Well........ My head-cold had practically gone, but Wednesday I had really bad sinus pain (on the right side). This also came with a sensitive tooth in a similar part of my face. I had a rough night that night, using paracetamol, hot water bottle and [...]

Have You Heard The News??

Howdy Peeps! I'm sure the Jurassic fans amongst you know that the original trio have been confirmed to return for Jurassic World 3!! YAY! Furthermore, it has been stated that they will not be mere cameo rolls (like Dr Malcolm in Fallen Kingdom). That presents us with 2 interesting questions:1) What will the relationships be [...]