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A Get Well Soon Cocktail

Morning Peeps! The teenager has been back at school a fortnight and is already germ-infested. (My poor bubba πŸ˜•) So today will consist of medication, vitamins, several types of juice and lots of cleaning. Such a shame but at least it's solvable. She just needs to catch up on her chemistry when she's back. So [...]

Entertainment Time!

Howdy Peeps! There's a lot of entertainment stuff going on and coming up in the near let's get going! This week we've had the trailer for Mary Poppins Returns and it looks fab! Due out for Christmas, it features Emily blunt and a scarily true-to-original Dick Van Dyke. 😍 The amazing thing is the [...]

One of Those Days

Hey-ho Peeps Just when I thought we'd got back to normal... We had a computer issue yesterday (a big one...hard drive πŸ˜•) so I will blogging from my phone until further notice. Just thought I should warn you because it does spectacular autocorrect misfits and automatically aligns stuff really far to the left (so pictures [...]

Planning Christmas (…or any other big celebration)

Howdy Peeps! We're down to double figures!! It's a mere 99 days until Christmas!! (YAY! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ) We've always been on a tight budget and a large circle of family and friends to visit and buy for, so we've got to be organised! I'm thinking Christmas, but these tips can be applied to [...]