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I need your help!

Howdy Peeps!

Firstly, Happy Pentecost/Whitsun/Shavuot! 🙂

Secondly, I want to do a couple of posts for the summer and I am asking if any of you would like to contribute, please?

I have a few ideas for each theme but welcome any contributions… I will credit you with the idea if yours is used (good opportunity for those who have websites or blogs to throw a link in too).

You can leave comments below or email them to me via the contact page.

So my Summer themes are:

  1. Stuff to do with teenagers outside (cheap or free preferred)
  2. Summer diets/eating plans/healthier recipes
  3. Safety rules you have for kiddos (beyond the obvious sunburn protection)


So if you have any ideas along those lines please message me or write them below and I’ll investigate/collate.

Enjoy the sunshine!


Anna x

Happy Saturday

How-do Peeps!

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you it’s Royal Wedding Day! Prince Harry and Meghan get married today at noon (UK time…TV coverage from 11am). I’m just happy for Harry after everything he’s been through, he deserves happiness.

It’s also cup final day for the football and a gloriously sunny day…I guarantee the UK will be filled with barbeques and celebratory drinks today one way or another!

I am fighting a cold and working until 3pm so I guess I’ll be celebrating later.  I hope everyone has a lovely day and enjoy it, whatever you’re doing. 🙂

Have fun!

Anna x


Think Positive

Hello Lovely Peeps!

A bit of PMA for today…and a word of caution.

Mr.B is a big fan of Norman Vincent Peale; if you don’t know who that is please go and google it, or better yet buy the books. He wrote dozens of positive thinking books in the mid 20th Century, the man was straight-talking, faith-filled and way ahead of the trend on positive thinking.

One Peale quote stays with us “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” What he means is that we have the power to affect something with our thinking. If you believe you can’t do something then you’ve lost before you begin. If you make up your mind you can do something, then you’ll keep going until you succeed.

This can-do attitude is good for our minds, bodies and spirits…the Bible puts it like this:

phil 4.8


Basically, think about the good stuff, believe in yourself and don’t dwell on the bad stuff!

It is a conscious choice and not always easy, but like everything praiseworthy, it takes a little effort and comes with the reward of self-improvement. We have to do something neither of us really want to do today but we’ve chosen not to complain or be negative towards the people we see (it’s not their fault) and we’re trying to focus on the positives.

Probably the best advice there is out there, so we’re going to try to follow it every day…how about you?

God bless,

Anna x

Recipes for Sharing

`Happy Windsday Peeps!

The title says it all really, I’ve seen a lot of blogs this week that have recipes for ‘sharing’ food…y’know, the good stuff that’s too big for 1 person but too informal for a proper party; the stuff you’d share with your bestie and produce if the kids brought friends home. 🙂 So here’s a few to share:

Kool Aid Moms starts us off with this amazing-looking Garlic Ravioli Pizza. I’m not usually one for loads of different things on pizza, but this (and a couple of others I’ve seen) makes me want to experiment! I love garlic so this seems a good place to expand my horizons!

Sheryl (over at A Hundred Years Ago) gave us this Caramel Biscuit recipe that looks so scrummy I may just eat the picture! FYI the British folks out there, these are American biscuits so they’re more like a bun than a cookie…makes them even more appealing if you ask me!

This Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe looks scrummy and low-maintenance! It came from Muffin-Mum and uses a pressure cooker (I’m sure the recipe could be adapted for crock pots too).


So those are just a few for you to enjoy. 🙂 What do you serve up for casual lunch-dates and after-school visitors?

Happy munching!

Anna x


Howdy-doodle Peeps!

I’m very excited and very grateful today:

In January I had 123 WordPress followers and set the goal of 200 for this year ( but January went so well that I upped that goal to 250)… This morning I got past 223! 100 of you lovely peeps have joined since January!! Thank you so much!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m overwhelmed that so many people take their precious time to read what I’ve posted, you’re all like sunshine on this grey morning- a lovely start to my day!

While I’ve got your attention, if you are the praying type, please send up a quick message for the exam-takers today. If you don’t pray, then please send them all the good luck wishes and positive thoughts you can. This is the first core subject day for GCSE, the second day of SATs and almost mid-way for A-levels! (Not to mention all those finishing a year at university or vocational coursework- I’m sure they’d appreciate it too!)

If you’re in an exam-taking household try and keep calm, positive and healthy. My thoughts and prayers are with you! x

Have a great day my lovely followers, thank you again for your support! 🙂

Anna x



Good Luck!

How-do Peeps!

It’s Monday, but not just any Monday…it’s officially the start of exam season!

SATs for years 2 and 6 start today for this week and although many GCSE students have done some practical and oral exams, the written ones (and many schools’ exam leave) start now.

I want to wish all students every success, my thoughts and prayers are with them.

If you have someone in your household who is hitting exam season now, then check out my tips for revision and keeping calm on my Education page. (I recommend Revision Time!Top Tips for SATs Prep and Is Your Child Stressed?) Try to keep them focused; cut out unnecessary things for the time being and keep some perspective… (there are always alternative routes and re-sits.)

As a side note, make sure they have the right things for each test (a calculator, anthology or even the right uniform) and none of the things they shouldn’t.

If you have any questions, ask the school, other parents or even me…it needs to be clear what’s happening and when.

Best wishes,

Anna x